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Rachael only knew that she wanted her bathroom updating when I first went to quote for her. During the period between quote and begin of work, I advised her on many different options for her bathroom and she decided on a contemporary look. Rachael took a chance on mixing two colours of tile, thus giving the room a feel of different zones.
All the elements of the bathroom came from Victoria Plumb and the tiles from Tile Flair.

Rachel Bthroom
Rachel sink
Rachel shower
Thank You note

Peter and Cindy invited me to complete their bathroom refurbishment after seeing the result of the work I did for their son (which sadly I have no pictures of). The old bathroom was 28 years old and the tiles had been fitted over the even older (gloss black) tiles from the 50s. There was a lot of wall prep needed here, but the rest was pretty straight forward.

Peter and Cindy chose very good materials for me to work with and the way they have done the lighting in the room, makes it look very cosy, without taking away from the feeling of space.

shower cubicle
shower head

Sue and Dave wanted to update their tired looking bathroom and, as most of my customers do, chose some good quality materials. The walls are tiled with limestone effect ceramic tiles from Tile Flair (in Hedge End) with a contemporary border giving the room a modern look. The floor tiles are also from Tile Flair and are slate effect porcelain tiles.

Sue and Dave ordered the cabinets and I think the warmth of the walnut really looks fabulous in the room. Quite a straight forward job this one and it took me 11 days start to finish.

  bathroom before   bathroom after  
  bath before   bath after  
  sink before   sink after  
  radiator before   radiator after  

Ivy and Bong commissioned me to refurbish the smallest bathroom I've ever done, but hey, what a result. The main problem with this one was damp. The room needed to be dryed out before any fitting or tiling could be started and that took a few days. The screeded floor also needed to be levelled before I could tile the floor. Since real marble tiles were being used, all the walls had to be taken back to render (all plaster off).

Sadly, I forgot to take "before" photos, but please believe me when I say it was dark damp and dingy (not
to mention outdated), so here are the "afters" only. 

  Ivy & Bong overview full   Ivy & Bong overview side  
  Ivy & Bong Tap   Ivy & Bong Shower  
  Ivy & Bong whirlpool bath      

Liam & Nicky commissioned me to install this bathroom, the materials for which, they sourced themselves. I think they chose really well and the quality shows. Nicky in particular, mentioned that she wanted the 5 star hotel bathroom look, which I think has been achieved (only bigger and better).

The walls were wonky, the pipe-work was a nightmare and installing the heavy shower cubicle nearly put paid to my partying days, but installing these high quality materials (including heavy duty porcelain tiles) was a pleasure.

  Liam & Nicky Bathtub before   Liam & Nicky Bathtub after  
  Liam & Nicky Shower before   Liam & Nicky Shower after  
  Liam & Nicky Basin before   Liam & Nicky Basin after  

I completed a ground floor Wet Room for Debra and Ian last year (’07) and they asked me back to re-furbish this first floor bathroom. As you can see, the only thing moved was the radiator, so it was a simple job, but the walls took quite a bit of preparation, as did the pipe-work. The water pipes and waste pipes are hidden under floor and in the walls for a better overall look and more floor space.

The floor tile’s Debra chose are a beautiful black granite quartz, which glistens in the light which is a great contrast to the white of the tiles and chrome finishes. Note the whirlpool bath for that added luxury.

  bathroom before   bathroom after  
  bathtub before   bathtub after  
  floor before   floor after  
  basin after   shower after  

This was an upstairs/dowstairs re-furbishment for Catherine and Neville in Basingstoke. Starting with the upstairs en-suite, the shower cubicle came out and was replaced with a bath along the back wall, although the shower itself was upgraded and remains in place. The WC was moved slightly to give more space for the bigger basin and all the boxing around the room was removed/reduced to give more floor space.

The floor tiles are Travertine and they look fantastic. The 900 x 600mm size of these tiles, give the impression of space.

bathroom before
bathroom after
  floor after   radiator after  

The downstairs cloak room again needed all the (chest height) boxing removing in order that the basin could go further back, thus giving more floor space. The same went for the toilet and although there is still some boxing, which was necessary as the floor is concrete, it’s far less than before (you can see where it came to in the before photos). By creating more space, Catherine was able to choose a full size basin, which is unusual for a cloak room, but in this case works well. The tired old radiator was replaced with new and the walls and floor tiled

  guest bathroom before   guest toilet after  
  basin before   basin after  
  tap after   radiator after